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Rosenbauer Aerials

In 1988, Rob and Pam Kreikemeier founded R.K. Aerials with only three employees and a 5,000 square-foot building. Today, the company employs 80 professionals working in a 98,200 square-foot facility.
 The Rosenbauer Aerials Division produces the highest quality aerial ladders and platforms available in mid-mount or rear-mount designs. They offer ladders in 60, 75, 109 and up to 125' ft. lengths, and platforms in between 85 to 104 ft. lengths.

Rosenbauer Aerials is located in Fremont, Nebraska and manufactures rescue aerials and STINGER extinguishing booms. These are either mounted on US chassis on the spot, or are delivered for this purpose to the Group’s various vehicle production centers.   

Rosenbauer Aerials has been part of the Rosenbauer Group since 2000 and during the past few years its manufacturing capacity has been doubled.