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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles:

  • Safety
  • Family
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality & Value of Product


Quality & Value of Product

It is important to remember that someone's life could depend on the work that you do today; therefore, you should always give 100% effort, 100% of the time.

At Rosenbauer, we do not take shortcuts or use inferior or compromised products.

We build to the highest quality possible to give the customer a piece of equipment that they can take great pride in and value beyond a dollar amount.

We do not build trucks; we build life-saving apparatus.


Honesty & Integrity

Always do what you say you are going to do, even when no one is watching.

Rosenbauer believes that honesty is the best policy and practices it daily.

Over the years, there have been many instances where team members' honesty has been tested on a large scale, whether it be notifying vendors that they need to send us invoices for products we have received or sending back double payments to customers.

However, our team members are tested daily on what many would view as small scale instances, such as taking the time to do a job right the first time or making sure that they are really giving 100% effort and attention to the job at hand.

The bottom line, large or small instances, is that when you are honest in all aspects of your life, whether it be at home or work, integrity is sure to follow, and that is something to be truly valued.



Everyone has heard the saying, "There is no 'I' in team," and that couldn't be more true in our industry.

Every single person that has a hand in building our life-saving apparatus is part of a team — from the customer that orders the truck, to the vendor that supplies the parts, to the Rosenbauer team member that buffs the truck to a showroom-ready shine.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the customer with a top-of-the-line product, built to their specifications and needs. Without teamwork, this would not be possible.




Respect is a powerful word and not easy to define. It is something that is earned among your peers and not simply given with a title. The most important thing to remember in regards to respect is that you must first respect yourself before you are able to respect others.

It seems like an easy thing to do; however, it can take many years to accomplish. For instance, if you do not respect yourself, you cannot respect the work that you do, nor the team members that you work with every day. Rosenbauer encourages you to learn to respect yourself and the work that you are capable of doing. Once you do, you will take pride in your work and your team members' work as well and push yourself and others to do better.

In order to have a successful work environment, you must respect yourself, your family, the customers and their needs, your team members and the work that they do, product vendors, your company, and the dealers.




One of the principles that Rosenbauer is most proud of is our family-first culture. We strive to provide a work-life balance so that you are able to provide for your family and also be able to be present for your family at the same time.

While we not only provide flexible working hours so that you can attend family functions, we also have a "family" culture within Rosenbauer and amongst its partners — vendors, dealers, and customers.

These strong relationships are what have helped make Rosenbauer what it is today.



At Rosenbauer, we take the safety of our team members and our products very seriously.

We are safety leaders in product design. We were one of the first to initiate the use of yellow safety grab handles, and we led to charge on seat-belt safety with our nationally-renowned Seatbelts Save Lives campaign, in which we distributed 40,000 seat belt safety wraps to departments all over North America.

It is also Rosenbauer's responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all its team members. We ensure that the top safety measures are met for all of the manufacturing equipment; we provide safety glasses to all employees and guests; we initiated a steel-toed work boot reimbursement program, and we implemented a safety program complete with a safety committee that surveys the workplace once a month to identify potential safety concerns.

Safety is everyone's responsibility.


Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a long-term approach for a business that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality. Businesses continually examine their processes to discover and eliminate problems.

For 40 years, Rosenbauer has been improving upon its products and manufacturing processes. One of the latest continuous improvement-driven methods to be put to use is the PIT Crew.

When production team members have an idea or suggestion for a way to improve either a process or product, they submit their idea to see if it is feasible and an improvement on what is currently being done.

Many new processes and product ideas that have been implemented have come directly from the production team members. This is why we encourage our team members to voice their opinions and ideas; great communications leads to greater efficiency and quality for all.


Can-Do Attitude

Customers do not like to hear the word "No," and we do not like to tell customers "No." That's why we go through every possible option to help solve the problem and provide solutions for the fire department so that we can tell the department, "YES!"

The solutions could be as simple as working late to complete a truck to inventing a brand-new product, both of which — and everything in between — have been done at the company.

Rosenbauer created a can-do culture the moment that Harold agreed to refurbish a fire truck for a local department and Helen jumped in the truck to deliver it. The gas station and mechanic shop was not meant to create fire apparatus, but they did not want to tell the customer "No." The rest, as they say, is history.

It was this can-do attitude and culture that has made the company a leader in the U.S. fire industry.


Innovation & Technology

The company has positioned itself as the innovation and technology leader in the fire industry with the ultimate goal of making firefighters safer and more efficient when on the job.

Risk takers are the ones that excel at innovation and technology, and those are the ones that become the industry leaders and pioneers.

If it were not for all of our team members and your continued quest for improvement in both the manufacturing process and our product development, we would not be paving the way in the fire industry.

But we are, and it's because of you. So, keep asking questions, keep bringing your ideas to the PIT Crew, and keep making it safer for firefighters world-wide!



These nine Guiding Principles are what we feel are most important at Rosenbauer. We hope that they are as important to each and every one of you, and that you uphold these to the fullest extent.

After going through each one of the principles, we hope that you noticed that they are all interdependent on one another. If you remove just one, they will eventually all collapse. That is why it is crucial for everyone to work together to sustain these principles for not only the world-wide success of the Rosenbauer Group, but also for every team members' individual success.

We are truly all in this together. These are OUR values for OUR team to best represent OUR company. Keep up the great work!

~ The Rosenbauer Team