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T-Rex Articulating Platform

Equipped with a combination telescopic and articulating boom, the Rosenbauer T-Rex is the fastest and most powerful articulating platform in the industry. Its on-board CAN-bus electronic system provides the speed to allow firefighters to set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 115’ in the air and rotate 90° in less than 95 seconds! It’s fully NFPA compliant as either an aerial platform or a quint with a midship pump, 300-gallon water tank, hose storage bed and 115’ of ground ladders.Solid construction, multiple compartments and a reliable chassis back up this versatility, so your department is always ready to serve. 

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Specification Options

Ladder Reach:
115' Vertical Reach / 93' Side Reach at 0° (Full Capacity):
Payload Capacity:
1400 lbs. Dry / 1150 lbs. Wet:
Up to 1500 GPM:
Wind Rating:
31 MPH Unrestricted / 39 MPH with Restrictions:
Ice Rating:
Variable - Load Continuously Monitored by System:
Crane Function Capacity:
8,000 lbs. from Base Boom / 4,850 lbs. from Top of Fly Boom (Retracted) / 2,645 lbs. of Tip of Fly Boom (50' Extension):
Below Grade Operations:
18' Below Grade:
Platform Swivel:
48° Left & 48° Right (96° Total) / Unrestricted at any elevation:
Jib Sweep:
Aerial Controls:
Soft touch Controls:
Stabilizer Spread:
H-Style / Auto-Leveling with Variable Jacking / Safe Operation over Short-Jacked Side Permitted with Continuous 360°:
Apparatus Body:
Water Tank:
Up to 300 Gallons:
Fire Pump:
hale 8FG 2000 GPM: