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100' King Cobra Articulating Platform

Rosenbauer introduces the 100’ King Cobra articulating platform, which is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Rosenbauer America. Designed for departments that desire the ability to land behind a parapet wall or reach below a bridge deck, the King Cobra can reach up to 20’ below grade utilizing its 8’ articulating jib and the SMART aerial’s capability to extend 12° below grade.

An NFPA-compliant, articulating platform apparatus made for operating in tight areas, firefighters may enter the platform from as little as 10’ in front of the chassis cab. The King Cobra is complete with a 1500 GPM rated waterway and a rating of 1000 lbs. dry or 500 lbs. wet.

The 100’ King Cobra has over 250-cubic-feet of compartment space. It will be available in the Rosenbauer-exclusive EXT and FX aluminum or stainless-steel body styles


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Available Features

Specification Options

Ladder Reach:
100' Vertical Reach:
Payload Capacity:
1000 lbs. Dry / 500 lbs. Wet:
Wind Rating:
50 MPH Unrestricted:
Ice Rating:
Below Grade Operations:
Up to 20' | -12 Degrees:
Aerial Controls:
Rosenbauer SMART Controls:
2 Front/2Rear:
Stabilizer Spread:
15' 6" - 17' 6":
Apparatus Body:
Water Tank:
Up to 500 Gallons:
Pump Capacity Range:
Up to 2000 GPM:
Aerial Finish:
Hot Dip Galvanized / Painted / Painted Hot Dip Galvanized:
Custom Chassis: