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Expand Seating While Minimizing Cost

Utilizing worldwide firefighting resources and designs, Rosenbauer has engineered the all-new Smart Cab with the functionality, driveability and roominess of a custom chassis with the serviceability of a commercial chassis. Our innovative design helps your budget, maximizes resources and provides the ultimate crew comfort.

Designed for Ultimate Comfort
There's nothing like Rosenbauer' Smart Cab. The Smart Cab has standard forward-facing crew seats with optional seating for up to eight. With 70 inches of headroom and 100 inches wide, the Smart Cab has ample room for the crew while en route and for help operations. Standard or recessed SCBA style seats are available, both with NFPA compliant seat belts.

The quietest on the market
Special insulation and sound absorbing material reduces the noise level to 75 decibels at 65 mph. Well below NFPA recommended levels.

The latest innovations, built to meet your needs
 Custom-built console provides instant accessibility to all warning system controls and radios for both driver and office. Large opening between cabs provide for good communication and visibility for all crew.

Easy access to the equipment you need dedicated mountings for equipment such as flashlights, gloves, radios, thermal cameras, AED and gas meters provide easy access during emergencies.