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Digital Solutions

Information technology is becoming increasingly important

Information technology is becoming increasingly important within emergency response organizations. Operation preparation and follow-up is required to be both structured and documented. In this regard, Rosenbauer's software solutions can provide invaluable support. Time is a crucial factor, especially during deployments, because critical decisions must be made quickly. The IT applications that Rosenbauer develops provide assistance to emergency response organizations in every stage of their daily operations - from effective vehicle and equipment management, through deployment navigation solutions and alerting applications, to the provision of relevant information at the scene of the emergency.

Operations management EMEREC

All information. Always and everywhere. EMEREC is the Rosenbauer information system for the fire department at the scene. All relevant information, such as fire protection plans, hazardous substance data or vehicle rescue maps, can be accessed and used via this unique software tool by all rescue crews anywhere and at any time - whether in the command center, in the vehicle, on the Rosenbauer operations tablet developed in-house, or via app on any smartphone or other smart device.


Those who know more make better decisions. This is especially true for the fire department and its rescue operations. This is why Rosenbauer has decided to support fire departments in their work with drones from now on. These flying sensors make it possible to get a very quick overview of operational scenes and, for example, locate hotspots or detect hazardous substances. This is a giant step forward in terms of awareness-raising work, safety and is also extremely cost efficient. Together with DJI, the world's leading company in the field of civil aerial imaging, Rosenbauer offers high-performance hardware that is perfectly integrated into the Digital Solutions System.

Fleet Management

With service4fire, Rosenbauer offers a control system that checks all the components installed in an emergency vehicle every time it is used, and automatically warns in the event of faults. The software automatically prepares all collected information for fleet management, which helps to keep an overview of the condition of all vehicles, especially if the fleet is large. This increases the operational readiness of the fire department and reduces repair costs. service4fire is available for new Rosenbauer vehicles, but older vehicles can also be retrofitted accordingly.