CleanLocker by Rosenbauer

Removing PPE from common areas is a tenant of efforts underway to clean out the harmful carcinogens firefighters are exposed to during and after fires. The CleanLocker by Rosenbauer when ventilated is an NFPA compliant PPE storage facility. In short, your dirty PPE is stored outside for your chassis cabin while in route back to the station.

Powered or Manual: The CleanLocker is available in either electrically powered version or a manual pull-out configuration. When powered a switch is available on the chassis cab dashboard for easy deployment as apparatus arrive on-scene. If a manual configuration is desired, the entire CleanLocker will be mounted on a 500lb. roll-out tray with a manual "D-ring" latch.

Rally point: The inspiration for the CleanLocker is to create a rally point for crew to exit the apparatus don PPE. The CleanLocker has capacity for four full sets of PPE turnout including SCBA packs. Soiled PPE should be bagged for the return trip to the station. A manual slide-out drawer is optional on the operator's side pump panel for the FAO PPE.