T-Rex Rescue Cage

The rescue cage consists of a sturdy aluminum construction and is manufactured for size- and weight optimized. It offers space for up to six people. Depending on the operation, it also transports rescue and extinguishing equipment. The handrail is folded down and opened on the wide and unique front entrance.
Not matter whether the folding platform is in operation or parked. The cage offers three entry points that can be accessed standing upright. The rear gangway platform facilitates access to the rescue ladder mounted on the side - regardless of the position of the cage.

Installed ultrasound sensors warn the machine operator before an object is touched. The cage can be swiveled by 4° horizontally to the left or right. Regardless of with or without attached rescue ladder. Thus precise and individual positioning in relation to the object is achieved.
The cage operating panel is also clearly structured: Display and control elements are placed at suitable points and are easily visible

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