Aerial SMART Controls

Global Technology

Rosenbauer's aerial SMART technology is a safety feature to help guard against collisions. The aerial product knows its limits based on extension, rotation and load. Each operator station is equipped with a 7" LED backlit screen to visually convey information.

The 7" LED all-weather screen displays operational data in visual contexts. Each side of the screen features menu buttons to navigate through information options. The screens are clutter-free and color-coded. Below is a list of information that is displayed.

Main Information 

Aerial Stability



Load & Reach

  • Aerial Height
  • Aerial Reach
  • Extension Remaining
  • Rungs Aligned Indicator
  • Operational Envelope Indicators
  • Emergency Stop Indicator
  • Aerial Load Gauge
  • Outrigger Short Set Indicator
  • Auto Bedding Indicator
  • Tip Lights Switch
  • Tracking Light Switch
  • Flow and Pressure Gauge
  • Side to Side Leveling
  • Aerial Hour Meter
  • Outrigger Extension
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Coolant Temp
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Battery Charging Condition
  • Transmission Fluid Temp
  • Fuel Level
  • Aerial Operations Pie Chart
  • Red, Orange, Yellow or Green
    for how far out each outrigger is extended
  • Aerial Load chart to 
    display operational capabilities of
    the aerial wet & dry