ACS Aerial Command Seat

ACS Aerial Command Seat

A sturdy all aluminum operators seat in place of a traditional standing pedestal. The seat offers the fire fighter the ability to be more attentive to his assignment. The seat flips down for travel storage. For colder climates there is an option for a heated seat.


Feature: SMART Screen

The 7" LED all-weather screen displays operational data in visual contexts. Each side of the screen features menu buttons to navigate through information options. The screens are clutter-free and color-coded. Below is a list of information that is displayed.

Information Included:

Main Information 

Aerial Stability



Load & Reach

  • Aerial Height
  • Aerial Reach
  • Extension Remaining
  • Rungs Aligned Indicator
  • Operational Envelope Indicators
  • Emergency Stop Indicator
  • Aerial Load Gauge
  • Outrigger Short Set Indicator
  • Auto Bedding Indicator
  • Tip Lights Switch
  • Tracking Light Switch
  • Flow and Pressure Gauge
  • Side to Side Leveling
  • Aerial Hour Meter
  • Outrigger Extension
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Coolant Temp
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Battery Charging Condition
  • Transmission Fluid Temp
  • Fuel Level
  • Aerial Operations Pie Chart
  • Red, Orange, Yellow or Green for how far out each outrigger is extended
  • Aerial Load chart to display operationalcapabilities of the aerial wet & dry